H Class
File:H Class 1945 Image.png
Price 48,350
Exp Cost 42,900
Previous Ship H Class (SS)
Next Ship Thames (SS)
Durability 13,120
Speed 24.4 Knots
Armament 4 x 21" Torpedo Launcher (13,295 Damage)
Other attributes
Defense Level #
AAW Accuracy #%
Upgradeable Stats 1X533" (Torpedo reload time), Speed, Boiler Cooling, Torpedo Slot Expansion (shots)
Landing Force Power 0
Available Aircraft 0
Aircraft Space 0
Launch Capacity 0
Dive Duration # seconds
Max Depth #

H Class 1945: Royal Navy Tier 6 Submarine. She has slightly more powerful torpedoes than any other U.K. sub.

Suggested Strategy Edit

Suggested Equipment Edit

Boiler, Repair Crew

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