A Class
Price 1,613,190
Exp Cost 3,827,559
Previous Ship O Class (SS)
Next Ship None
Durability 22,050
Speed 22.3-24.5 Knots (without Boiler)
Armament Front: 6x Torpedo Launcher (12,662 Damage)

Rear: 4x Torpedo Launcher (12,662 Damage)

1x 4"/33 QF Marks XXIII 1 (HE:711)

Other attributes
Defense Level 4 (upgradable to 7)
AAW Accuracy 33.1%
Upgradeable Stats Engine (speed)

Defense Level Enhancement

Boiler (overheat duration)

Sonar Accuracy (chance of success)

Torp. Slot Expansion (shots)

Landing Force Power 0
Available Aircraft 0
Aircraft Space 0
Launch Capacity 0
Dive Duration 120
Max Depth 11 (center of the Earth)

Historically, the British A-Class subs were built between 1902 and 1905. They were roughly 100 feet long and had 1 or 2 torpedo tubes and carried 3 or 4 torpedoes.

In NF2, the A-class is the Tier 11 U.K. submarine. This beast is configured with 6 torpedoes up front, but now has 4 in the rear as well. Fully researched, the A-Class can carry 100 torpedoes. The A-Class has significantly better durability than the O Class, and even brings a little more speed and more air time along with superior sonar. The A-Class is one of only 3 U.K. subs to sport a deck gun. This deck gun does slightly more damage than the one on the O Class.


Type XXI | Hei Type I | Tench

At Tier 11, only the USN and U.K. subs have aft-fired torpedoes. The IJN and KM subs, on the other hand have a higher Alpha damage spike than the A-Class.

The A-Class is faster than any other Tier 11 sub by roughly 1 knot. This applies to both beginning (unresearched) speed and when fully researched. All Tier 11 subs have identical Overheat duration.

The A-Class has 1 more Defense level than any of its Tier 11 rivals. In terms of durability, the A-Class comes in second only to the IJN Tier 11 sub.

The A-Class excels at sonar accuracy, besting its rivals by roughly 5%.


PWN the high seas! Pwn the low seas. Sink your enemies, then drop to depth 11 and wave at them through your porthole. The A Class is also probably the best sub-hunting submarine in the game.


Boiler, Repair Crew